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The adorableness will never end :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 2 0 Madoka and Homura with their weapons :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 1 0 AKB4LIFE :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 4 0 mahou shoujos 4 life :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 1 8
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Twilight Vs. Sunset (MLP: EG fanfic) :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 1 5
Be Our Guest :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 1 14 Lil boat crashed our photo (Kisekae) :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 6 13 Spartan Locke :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 4 17 031 Exuberant Witness from Halo 5: Guardians :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 2 8
I need a companion by Obamamaz
I need a companion - Obamamaz (Ft. MC Crongo Dude and Taz'Dizzle Dogg)

This is a song I wrote for my World of Warcraft character Obamamaz, about how he wants a companion to help him more on his adventures, so he will feel more happy (This song is probably for Sassy Hardwrench)
[Verse 1: Obamamaz]
On this island, I miss my home
wit swimming pools, hot rods, and soda
That dragon is really dumb
I want to beat it up till its numb
I want someone who I can share my pain with
I would talk to Eugene but he wont speak
All I need is a goblin gal, and the two of us together we be a team
I like eggrolls and pizza as well
I like to play hearthstone on my smartphone as well
I wonder why the humans never use our technology
I guess they love dat medieval style
Seriously who needs a horse when you have a hot rod?
All I need is another companion that could help me and eugene
Shoot some dinosaur tail, ya know what I mean
And if the alliance tries to feed me bro
:iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 0 0
The Dynamic Duo :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 2 6 Bertram :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 2 0 Adeline :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 0 0 Wizbles and Zeemaz :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 0 0 The King of Brirabeth, King Lonell :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 1 0 Thazardan, the Orc Warlord :iconmetalgeartom:MetalGearTom 0 0


Blue team playing Halo 5 :iconiriswinter:IrisWinter 3 3 Shingeki No Pingu :iconcorssair-buckets:Corssair-Buckets 94 17 UTAU Group pose :iconqueenofsports:QueenOfSports 2 1 YES SHIPS (OC x Kaito) :iconqueenofsports:QueenOfSports 2 0 Sonata Dusk :iconriouku:Riouku 447 55 HomUnited States Of AmerikAkemi :iconsirjustinfromca:SirJustinFromCA 2 1 Kawaii Perfume :iconreyshow619:reyshow619 100 12 Migos (Kim Possible Stlye) :iconjoshisjagged:joshisjagged 12 1 MMD -Articuno W.I.P- Pokemon Gijinka :iconvixenofthemist:vixenofthemist 2 0 Those Goths :iconjadelh:jadelh 4 0 Allan and his friends (Request) :iconjadelh:jadelh 6 11 [MMD] yuyuchan as Wadanohara :iconyuyuchanhd:yuyuchanHD 8 5 Lil Yachty :iconvoxip:voxip 1 0 Larry Explores the Fire Temple :icongoofermutt:Goofermutt 7 1 Spirit temple :iconqlockwork:Qlockwork 636 66



No one is such a jerk like Gaston, that's for sure

This was one of my favorite songs from the movie!
Untitled Drawing by MetalGearTom
Come on Pingu I know you can get him out
Does anyone here remember the Pingu episode where he dreams of the walrus?
OMG, why would they put that in a kids show
I haven't used MMD in a really long time, and now that I have a YouTube channel, I plan on uploading some MMD vids (Mostly featuring my waifu, and you all know how that is: Homura Hair Flip Icon 

:iconqueenofsports: is currently creating a Homura model for me based off this:
da releast majou shoujo OG (Homura AKB0048) by MetalGearTom
I plan to use it in these videos:

Dream fighter - with Homura, Ryuko Matoi, Trainer Miku (The one I used in the pic below)
Lookin' good, aint I? by MetalGearTom
ISpy - Homura
Lamb - Homura
Versace - Homura
Run/Running - Homura

Maybe I might do Kaito dancing to Surfin Bird
The adorableness will never end
I used the same background that I used for the other one "Homura AKB0048"

I have this as my desktop wallpaper

beat reminds me of Undertale
I just saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie in theaters. Blown away. LOVED IT.
Favorite characters: Cogsworth, Lumiere, Beast, LeFou
Just watched the original Beauty and the Beast... I feel like a child again...
I did Homura, so why not all three of these adorable girls?

Homura aka Mah Waifu (Madoka Magica)
Sumire (Aikatsu)
Mizuki (Aikatsu)

Outfits from AKB0048

Based off this vid:…

I like to think of this as Homura being Quavo, Mizuki being Offset, Sumire being Takeoff (Lol another Migos comparison)

Im not a fan of Aikatsu, if any of you are wondering

And a comparison to Green Day (They're a great band, I should listen to them more)
Homura - Billie Joe Armstrong
Mizuki - Mike Dirnt
Sumire - Tre Cool

Cake Song/Ain't No Fun mashup made by me
mahou shoujos 4 life
It has been a while since I did something Madoka-based that did not revolve around just Akemi-san. I decided to draw the Madoka Magica characters in their normal wear, and I plan to do these upcoming deviations:

Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill (In normal and both Senketsu vers)
Madoka Magica characters with their weapons
Madoka Magica characters with Ryuko

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*Outside of school*

Sunset: YASS!! I gotz me tha crown

*puts it on head*


Sunset: OMG Im a Giant Level 20 Tiefling Sorcerer with Dragon Ancestry! And I will cast my overpowered mind control spell on the students and staff to turn them into my army!!


*All students and staff (Except for the Mane 6 and Sunset, of course) have army clothes and paintball guns*

Flash: Woah, dudes! I'm an army dude! Twilight will love this!!

Sunset: Ya see Twilight, Princess Celestia isn't a good ruler. I wanted tha crown so an awesome Level 20 Tiefling Sorcerer with Dragon ancestry will rule equestria and all the ponies will be peaceful! *Hurls fireball at Twilight*

Twilight: OMG itz a fireball!

Rest of the Mane 5: Twilight! *All jumps in front of Twilight*

Sunset: YASS!! Perfect hit! Oh yeah, wait... what? What are you doing!

*Sunset sees Twilight and her friends start floating in the air surrounded by a pink aura*

Twilight: Come on friends! Let's get horse ears and tails so we can defeat this villain!


Sunset: OMG!


*Blasts rainbow*

Sunset: No, no! What are you doing to me!!! STOP!!!!

Twilight: Well, Boo Hoo then! Put up with it!


Twilight and her friends walk to a crater where sunset's normal form is.

Twilight: You will never rule in Equestria. Any power you may have had in this world is gone. Tonight, you've shown everyone who you really are. You've shown them what is in your heart.

Sunset: Why... You... Stupid... BITCH!!!

Sunset runs up to Twilight, and punches her in the face twice.


Twilight: Oh yeah, Sunny Bunny? *Knees sunset in the stomach*

Sunset: Says the bitch named after a terrible book!


Sunset: *Does a roundhouse kick on Twilight*

Flash runs up to Sunset.

Twilight: Flash... What are you doing?

Flash: Use this! *Gives Sunset paintball gun*

Sunset: Oh, how about this for ya, you bastard? *Shoots Twilight with paintball gun 3 times, twice in the face, once in the stomach, Twilight falls to the ground*

Twilight pulls a dagger out of her secret boot pocket.

Twilight: Bitch, you know I had a second option? *Throws dagger at Sunset, Sunset dodges*

Sunset: Well I got a MEDIEVAL BROADSWORD, motherfucker!!! *Runs up to Twilight, and slashes her*

Twilight: *Pulls another Dagger from her boot and stabs Sunset*

Sunset: OWWWWW! *Takes dagger out of body, attempts to stab Twilight, but Twilight kicks her down*

Mane 5: *Watching*

Rainbow Dash: Uhh... I do like cool battles and that but... Is a battle with swearing and gore like this really necessary? First it was all friendship, but now it's war!

Pinkie Pie: I'm actually starting to agree with Sunset. What Twilight said was MEAN.

Applejack: You darn right it was!

Rarity: It wasn't mean, it was rather horrid!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, not cool at all! Right, Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: *Watches in fear* TAKE... ME... HOME... NOW...

Back to the fight:

Sunset *Having Twilight in a headlock*: Don't you know? Celestia is a tyrannical bastard, and I bet her assholeness came into you when she gave you those wings!

Twilight: How dare you insult Celestia!

Sunset: *Squeezes Twilight harder*

Twilight kicks Sunset backwards.

Twilight: Like I said, the most powerful of all! The magic of...

Sunset: BEING A HYPOCRITE LIKE A PURPLE FUCKIN' ALICORN! *Takes out Bazooka and fires it at Twilight, Twilight uses magic to dodge*

Twilight (An aura surrounds her skin, allowing her resistance to gunfire): Bazooka, huh? MACHINE GUN! *starts firing, Sunset starts running away*

Sunset: *Takes out shotgun* *BLAM*

Twilight falls to the ground.

Principal Celestia: Both of you! Stop, now!

Sunset: But I have to kick her ass!

Twilight: I have to PWN her!

Principal Celestia: Oh, you asked for it.

*Principal Celestia transforms into a white and golden elite with an Energy Sword*

Principal Celestia: WORT WORT WORT!

Pinkie Pie: It's an alien! This is one crazy party!

Twilight and Sunset: Oh, no!!!

*Both start running away, while Celestia the Elite is chasing them*

Twilight: This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you, Sunset!

Sunset: Same goes to you! Now we have an alien trying to stab us with a lightsaber from Star Wars! Why can't I just transform into a Level 20 Tiefling Sorcerer with Dragon Ancestry so I can kick her ass?

Twilight actually thinks its a good idea.

Twilight: That's great! Take this crown, Sunset! I'm sorry for all the shit I said to you. What you did was indeed the wrong thing to do, but what I said made me seem like a bitch, and all it did was make you into more of an asshole. We should never fight like this again.

Sunset smiles.

Sunset: I'm sorry too. I was being an ass for sure, I should have known better. That crown is not mine. And who am I to be the fucking stereotypical mean girl?

Twilight: That's just what I wanted to hear.

*Sunset places the crown on her head, and starts transforming*

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure is on a building watching.

???: So there's a fight going on in this school...

*Turns into magical girl*

???: It's time for me to aid Twilight and Sunset. It's my job. I am Homura Akemi.

Back to the fight...

Celestia: I can turn giant too! *Elite Celestia turns giant*

Homura comes running in.

Homura: Hey girls! If your wondering who I am, I'm...

Twilight: Homura Akemi? Thank the real Celestia! You're just what we needed.

Homura: Alright, let's get this battle started.



Sunset blasts fire at Celestia, while Celestia slashes Sunset with an energy sword. Yep. They're fighting.

Rainbow Dash: Hey, Celestia! Take this! *Kicks ball at Celestia*

Sunset: Thank you Rainbow!

Rainbow Dash: No prob! *Kicks again several times* Kung-ball! A mix of Kung Fu and Soccer. Invented by me.

Homura: TAKE THIS, SMELLY SANGHELLI! *Fires bazooka, then fires assault rifle*

Celestia: STOP THAT!

Homura: *Firing pistol* I will never give up! *Uses time shield, time is frozen* Alright! *Fires bazooka twice* Yes! *Time goes back to normal*

Rainbow Dash: Wow, Homura! That was so awesome!!!

Homura: *Firing pistol at Celestia* Thank you Rainbow Dash! Twilight, aren't you going to do anything?

Twilight notices all of sunset's weapons in front of her.

Twilight: SHOTGUN!! *Fires at Celestia* Hasta la vista, 

Homura: AWESOME MOVE! How about my bazooka? *BLAMS AT CELESTIA*

Sunset: Alright Homura! *Shoots several mini fireballs at celestia*

Celestia: ARRGGGGGGHHHH! *Slashes downwards on sunset with energy sword*

Sunset: What a weak pirate impersonation!

Celestia: *Slashes Twice*

Sunset: *Shoots mini fireballs*

Pinkie Pie *Watching*: It's an alien demon laser fireball magic battle! PARTYYYYY!

Homura: When will this thing just go?

Twilight: I have no clue, but I definitely did NOT see this coming tonight.

Homura: ...I hear something.

Twilight: Huh?

A white arrow from a distance hits Celestia.

Madoka: Got your back, Homura!

Homura: Madoka!

Yellow lasers from the sky suddenly hit Celestia.

Mami: This is a big night after all. *Fires another musket blast*

Sayaka (On Celestia's shoulder): We got her good! Don't you worry! *Sayaka slashes sword four times into Celestia*

Kyoko (Also on Celestia's shoulder): This E.T. should go home! *Thrusts spear three times into Celestia*

Homura: My friends... Their here to help! Friendship is the most powerful thing of all! You are right, Twilight!

Madoka (Now next to Homura): Well said, Homura! *Fires bow again*

Homura: Let's see if I can land another shot! *Fires Bazooka into Celestia's chest*

Twilight: She's almost down! Fire another one, Homura!

Homura: I'll let one of my friends do this. Mami?

Mami: Sure thing. TIRO... FINALE!!!!!!!!!!! *Fires large blast into Celestia*


Twilight: Well guys, I gotta get back to Equestria. I'll see you another day!

Homura: See you, Twilight.

*Twilight enters portal*

Pinkie Pie: Oh, bummer!

Celestia: WHY!!!

Sunset: *Turns back* friendship is magic.

The events were heard from all across the town, and a newspaper post was made called: Homura Akemi, Sunset Shimmer, and Twilight Sparkle. The three heroines that saved Canterlot High!


P.S. Principal Celestia was actually locked away in Tatarus during the time, and that alien clone took her place. She got Tirek out, and apparently Tirek is nice now.
Twilight Vs. Sunset (MLP: EG fanfic)
When if after Twilight defeated Sunset, Sunset didn't learn her lesson? Only one way to find out.

Note that this is more violent and has way more swearing than any of my other works, but I just wanted to make this a comedy story, not meant to be taken seriously. The reason why they are all swearing is that I wanted to make it seem like it was written by me back in 2015, which is when I used to swear a lot and go on and on about the things I hated in MLP. I'm not that person anymore.
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is NO DOUBT the Lil Yachty of J-Pop. Both of these videos are very similar, both are random:

Perfume is the Migos of J-Pop
A-Chan is Quavo
Nocchi is Offset
Kashiyuka is Takeoff

Both these songs have the same tempo
Untitled Drawing by MetalGearTom
Come on Pingu I know you can get him out


MetalGearTom's Profile Picture
Hey! I'm MetalGearTom! I love Mario (Huge fan since childhood), Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Warcraft, MLP, Zelda, Mega Man, MGS, Halo, and Dungeons and Dragons. And Homura Akemi is my waifu

i also have my own fantasy series based loosley off the Dunegons and Dragons roleplaying game. The series evolved over the months, and I made recent big changes to it this past August.

I like to draw, play video games, watch TV, and use MMD

Sometimes I focus on franchises I like, like Mario or Madoka Magica, but sometimes I focus on my own series.


I am known for liking Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica, and my favorite koopaling from Mario is Ludwig Von Koopa.

I am also a Christian, and I consider Christ my buddy :)

One of my best friends is :iconjadelh:, and she was the reason I joined DA. I also know her in real life.

I am a very nice person, though I do make mistakes sometimes. I usually don't like to be disturbed when busy, and I can get annoyed sometimes.
I will stand up to anyone that picks on or harasses any of my friends if they don't mind.
I will block anyone who posts mean comments on any of my pics or on my page.
I can be funny sometimes, but I can be serious at times.

I love games, fantasy, anime, and comedy. My favorite kinds of music are Rap and Christian Rock

My favorite youtubers are SMG4, Megaman765, and Mr. Safety

My Most favorite games:

Super Mario 64
Super Mario World
World of Warcraft
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Super Mario Galaxy
Zelda: OOT
Super Metroid
Halo: CE
Halo Reach
Halo 5
Mega Man X (Though I suck on Sigma stage 1)
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Assassin's Creed 4
Super Smash Bros Brawl and 3DS
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy XV
Some other classic NES and SNES games

My favorite shows:

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Kill La Kill
League of Super Evil
Red Vs. Blue
Adventures of SMB3
Koreha Zombie Desuka (My top anime before I became a fan of Madoka Magica, so Haruna was my favorite anime magical girl before Homura)

My favorite hip hop artists/groups are Eminem (He's my top favorite rapper), Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Ice Cube, Xzibit, 2Pac, NWA, Nate Dogg, Notorious BIG, and WC. I also like Trap artists like Lil Yachty and Migos

List of rap albums I own:
Eminem - Slim Shady LP
Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP
Eminem - The Eminem Show
Dr. Dre - 2001
Dr. Dre - The Chronic
Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle
50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin'
NWA - Straight Outta Compton
Ice Cube - Greatest Hits
Notorious B.I.G. - Duets: The Final Chapter
Akon - Konvicted
YG - My Krazy Life

I own Pitbull's album "Dale", and LMFAO's album "Party Rock". My favorite album out of all of them is probably "2001" by Dr. Dre.

I like other music such as rock and dubstep as well.

My favorite songs are:

Lose Yourself, Till I collapse, Without Me, and many more songs by Eminem
A lot of songs by NWA and other West Coast rappers like Snoop Dogg
Run/Running by Lil Yachty
Any song with Lil Yachty in it
Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band
Sexy and I know it by LMFAO
Mercy by Kanye West
Panda by Desiigner
Broccoli by D.R.A.M.

Madoka Magica Stamp by MeepNyan N.W.A Stamp by Lemon-Creame Megaman Stamp by harikenn .:Mario stamp VI:. by ThePinkMarioPrincess Stamp: Homura Akemi by Karitsuni Stamp - Eminem 04 by Monikanarnia Reggae - stamp by devJakey LOZ: Oracles Link by Vulpixi-Stamps First Christian Stamp by futureshamutrainer LIL YACHTY | STAMP by 02100


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